As a starting point for artistic development I have often used ideas or concepts (some people would maybe call it images, but for me that is a slightly different things). Sometimes the ideas are closely connected with, or obviously applicable to, music; sometimes they are more abstract. For me, an idea is expressed in words. If it is not expressed in words, I tend to think of it more as a feeling. And the tension (frustration) that exists between the words of the ideas, and the sound of the music is something that drives the development.

Still, I think that musical structure/form and setting may be used to reflect certain ideas about music and the world. Individual/group, horizontal/vertical development, tunes/no tunes, instrumental hierarchies etc. are just a few features that can be meddled with, to create different messages and let different meanings come forth through music.

I will try to describe some of the ideas or concepts I have been using, and how they have affected the music. This includes the idea of Skåne and how it relates to concepts of tradition and origin, my understanding of the philosophy of archaic music, and the idea that there are no tunes.

4 thoughts on “Ideas

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