Music Marathon

Another idea of mine where the long aesthetics can provide useful tools and understanding is playing for a really long time without break. This is still only an idea I have: I want to make a dance/music marathon where the music just goes on and on and on, without a break. Like a folk music rave, but with live music. Where the same dance just goes on and on and on. And then gradually melts into another dance. So far, I haven’t attempted to carry this out, but it really is something I want to do at some point. And trying to understand the concept of long aesthetics has somehow put this idea in a new light. Now I begin to realize what it actually means to play the same tune for 10 minutes. Or 30, or 60. What possibilities it creates and what difficulties and challenges comes with it. It makes it possible to use really slow musical development, since the long time will make it possible to still create a great line through the music. But it also means that the conventional ‘drama’ of a tune is dissolved: it simply moves to fast. And it certainly provides both physical and mental challenges – to keep the energy in the playing and to keep the focus for such a long time really takes some practicing.

All this is consequences I didn’t really think about, before I started trying to understand archaic music and long aesthetics.

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