Method for writing (method for processing knowledge)

Writing this thesis is very much a matter of processing the knowledge that I have gained during my two years of master studies. To do this, I have had great help from making notes, in lessons, when practicing, when traveling or just any other time when I have needed to put my thoughts down in words to make sense of them, or just to see them in text. This thesis builds very much on these notes. I have also had great help from reading books, both fiction and non-fiction. I have tried to list all the influential texts here.

I have also learned about the importance of making thoughts possible. Gradually I began to realise that my thinking and reflecting worked better sometimes and in some places, and not so well other times and in other places. When I realised this, I started making use of it, which for one thing led me to making sure that I get some moments of solitude every now and then, since that seems to be necessary for me to gather my thoughts and understand my situation.

While working with this thesis, I have been writing more or less simultaneously on lots of different parts. Instead of following a straight line of thought, I have allowed my writing to go in the direction that my thoughts lead me. I have been adding bits and pieces under various headings, constantly starting new paragraphs while trying to capture my thoughts. After a while I realised that this probably reflected how the knowledge was organized in me, and in the end that lead to the creation of this hypertext thesis.

3 thoughts on “Method for writing (method for processing knowledge)

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