The whole description of Function and Art, but in a much shorter way.

Function Art/ist/


Freedom within a framework




Music for the sake of a purpose


Learned through Living



Freedom to explore


Risk taking


Music for it’s own sake


Learned through Education

The list could of course be built on, with opposites like lower/upper class, low/high status, local/universal, oral/written culture but I prefer not to concider the more valuing and judging aspects of the dichotomy.

Constructing this dichotomy lead me to asking a lot of questions.

Do I really need this polarization? What does it do? What does it do to me and what does it do to my art and what does it do to other people and my relationship with them?

In trying to answer these questions, I ended up forming a Duality instead, to create a synthesis of the two different approaches to music. In most places in the text however, I write dichotomy, mostly since that is how I feel that it is most ofthen thought to be.

7 thoughts on “Dichotomy

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