This is the Thesis for my Master Studies at Master in Nordic Folk Music at Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. It is created as a hypertext, since I believe that to be form that can capture my thoughts and ideas in a more accurate way than a traditional essay would. If you want to know a bit more about me you can read here. If you need some guidelines for where to start reading, you either just start here or you begin with the reading instructions.

Enjoy reading. And please, don’t hesitate to comment on the texts, or drop me a line if you like. sven[dot]midgren[a]gmail[dot]com

Kind regards
/Sven Midgren

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I have reblogged your work. Is your name Sven Midgren? Is it Ok if you give us a bit more back ground about you? I am sure you are busy. I will enjoy your masters, Jo

    • Hi there! Thanks for reblogging my texts, and thanks for the positive feedback! I am very happy if these texts get read by other people than myself, my supervisor and my sensors, so please feel free to share them as much as you like. I haven’t really looked into the settings for comments so it seems like I have to approve of all comments before they show up here, that’s probably why you didn’t see your comments before. Anyway, I will provide a bit more information about myself soon as well. It’s a bit frantic at the moment though: I’ve got quite a bit of texts to finish, and then I need to publish it all, and create some sort of ‘reading guide’. And it’s all supposed to be more or less finished by tomorrow…
      Btw. how did you find me?

  2. I Blog here too. I have just finished a book and was cruising for people who write about similar topics. I am looking to synch in with like minded people. If you look through the WordPress find people lists and link to people with a similar topic you will find they follow back. That way when you wake up a morning their work is in your reader. I like your thoughts about John Cage. We just did some sound work at QUT. I am sure you are busy. Good luck over the next couple of days. Jo

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