Reading Instructions

The brave reader will just dive into the text. Use the hyperlinks to click back and forth. Get lost. Or stuck in endless loops.
For the less brave, there is a suggested path, featured in a box to the right on the page. This takes you an a more or less logical tour through the core of the material. This tour will not let you read the whole work though, to do that, you have to explore on your own.

One way of exploring in a kind of structured way is to make use of the categories (that roughly corresponds to the chapters in a conventionally published thesis) and tags (that works kind of in the same way as an index would).

Another way of exploring is to just start with a random post and see where that takes you.

Here is an attempt to create a map of the thesis. The different branches of this mind map does not correspond exactly with how the texts are structured at this site, but at least it creates some sort of overview of the whole content.

thesis map

Here is another version of the map, more accurate but less legible. It is presented mainly to give an idea of  the complexity of the text-web that makes up this thesis.


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