References and Sources of Inspiration

Sources of Inspiration

I’ve had lots of sources of knowledge and inspiration that to various degrees have influenced the result presented in this essay. Some of them have direct impact on this essay, others haven’t but they are equally important.



People who have inspired me during my time at NoFo. Directly or indirectly.

Amanda Kauranne, Benjamin Bech, Bent Nielsen, Cecilia Martin-Löf, Ellika Frisell, Gabriel Fliflet, Harald Haugaard, Heikki Laitinen, Johanna-Adele Jüssi, Jan Gaca, Janusz Prusinowski, Jonny Soling, Kimmo Pohjonen, Kristiina Ilmonen, Kristine Heebøll, Markus Räsänen, Mats Edén, Nekku Korpelainen, Olaug Furusæter, Olof Misgeld, Petri Prauda, Petter Wickman, Rebecka Nestlog, Reine Steen, Riitta Huttunen, Riitta-Liisa Joutsenlahti, Suvi Sistonen, Tove de Fries, Vilma Timonen, Åke Persson.


Books that have somehow influenced me. Some of them have direct impact on this essay, others haven’t but they are equally important.

Eyvind Johnsson: The Krilon trilogy (Grupp Krilon, Krilons resa, Krilon själv)
Russel Hoban: Riddley Walker
Jorge Luis Borges: Collected novels. Esp. The Garden of forking paths.
Jan Kjærstad: Tecken till Kärlek

Not so much fiction
Nicholas Cook: Music, Imagination and Culture
Carl Dahlhaus: Analys och Värdeomdöme
Stephen Nachmanovitch: Free Play
Peter Bastian: In i Musiken
John Blacking: How musical is Man

Internet accessed text

LOTS of,, (esp. Kultur&Nöjen-pages)

I.S. Øksnes: Master Thesis about Torleiv Bjørgum (
Juniper Hill’s PhD

Music and Musicians

Chris Wood, EST, Jan Gaca, hardingfelemusic, Trepaanit, Janusz Prusinowski Trio,

“They knew they had to live with what they made, for the rest of their lives.” J. Sundkvist about his ancestors and their respect for the things they created, and the love they put into all their crafts.

John Cage on Silence

Everything is a remix.

Understanding Music


Private notes, made during the NoFo-studies
Tali-forest, Helsinki
SL local trains Märsta-Stockholm
Sunrise over Odense
Hanguren, Voss
Marina Abramovic – The Artist is Present

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