Group vs. Individual

The NoFo Master’s programme is in many ways different from other master’s programmes. It is very much based on the group rather than the individual. This has influenced not only curriculum and the course of studies, but also my way of thinking of it. I have had a tendency not to think about myself, my needs and whants, but rather, what does the group need or whant, and even more, what is possible within this group.

This impact can also be seen in my writing. After having written for a while I realised I had a tendency to write we and us instead of me and I, even if my outspoken aim with this text is to try to capture my development and my ideas. And even more, I actually found it difficult to write me sometimes, especially when it came to describing input from teachers and teaching. Probably this has to do that I often didn’t really feel that the teaching was directed towards me as an individual, but rather towards me as part of a group and even more to the group as a whole.